Dog Training Fees

I train Labradors to be hunting dogs. 'GUNDOGS' or 'SERVICE DOGS'

"TRAINING FEES": $600.00 per month, Formal training starting at 6 months old. Formal training fees include my training time, travel expenses, birds for training, food.

* Vet bills are extra and owners responsibility. You will be directed to My local Vet where you can give a credit card for Vet visits. You will be notified of any visits at all times!

" PUPPY TRAINING" : $150.00 per month. ( I Raise your girl/boy and do puppy training until 6 months old. )

"TRAINER ON RETAINER" - You Raise your pup at home w/my assistance: $600.00 .  You can keep me informed of your pups progress and I keep you informed on what to work on next. At 6 months old I take over. 

Your dog will come back to you with a WONDERFUL support program.  Just call for training tips.

I get a lot of questions about how much will it cost me?

  • That depends on the learning abilities of the dog.
  • What you want the dog to be able to do.
    • You can figure on at least 4 months if the dog is starting fresh.
  • How old should the dog be?
    • At least 6 months old to start formal training. Puppy training starts as soon as they can walk!
  • Is there anything I should do before the dog comes to you?
    • YES, TONS OF THINGS. You can MAKE OR BRAKE your pup.
  • If I get a pup but want to keep it at home until it is 6 months old, will you help ME prepare it for formal training and then take it at 6 months old?
    • Yes, I will help you raise and train your pup over the phone for $150 per month, and take the dog at 6 months old.  "TRAINER ON RETAINER"
  • Are you a breeder?
    • NO. I purchase HIGH QUALITY PUPS and raise them and train them.
  • Can you find and raise a pup for me?
    • YES!
    • The complete expense is yours. I can get the pup for you, get it the required shots, raise and socialize the pup and start puppy training as soon as I get the dog for $150 per month!
    • No harsh or formalized training is started until the pup is 6 months old. Then the monthly fee of $600 starts.
    • This gives the pup a GREAT START with "LEARNING TO LEARN", and makes the rest of it's training a snap.



  • Ideally you would get your pup back between 8 and 10 months of age. House trained and a perfect lady or gentleman.

     When I took my first dog to a Trainer, I took them a WONDERFUL PLAYFUL PUP.   I got back a freaky ROBOT. Her obedience was TOP NOTCH and my gosh she would hunt and retrieve like she was born to it.  The problem is, She was no longer a puppy.  At 10 months old, there was no play left in her.  I remember thinking "What the hell did I do to my girl?"

     Training can be very stressful on a dog.  I do my best to make the training fun. When you get your pup back he/she will be the same dog you left with me, it will just know more.


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