Beautiful girls were intended to wear FUR!

AKC Registered

 Our Trained Labrador Retrievers are wonderful additions to some lucky hunters' home. They are trained to be social animals and will want to be with you 24/7.    If you are thinking you would like one of our pups but plan to lock them in a kennel 9 months out of the year, don't even bother calling.   Our pups learn to learn at a very early age and love to be with you.  We have taught them how to think and what it is to be loved and handled.  They deserve to be a large part of your life.

Star, pictured above has been placed in a loving home and is enjoying a life of hunting playing and long naps next to her master.

Princess & Keya

Our pups in the field.  As they play, they learn.

Left:  Princess, (Owner, Scott Mason), Right:  Keya,



Started Training



All of our started dogs and dogs in training are spoken for at this time.

There are litters available to chose from.


Page updated: November 28, 2015



The bunch on the hill .

Pearl and Jax,  Jax is trying to get Pearls pear.



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