I started full time in the fire service in 1983.  The fire service gives you 48 hours on duty and 96 hours off duty.  

     Planning for my retirement, I looked for something I could do to earn a supplemental income and work for myself.

     I started my own business, Wilderness Web Design , building web sites.  Currently I maintain several web sites.   Several of those sites are for labrador breeders and/or trainers.  Some of those sites date back  to 1996, when I was first introduced to field trials and taking action pictures of  my client's dogs. 

     I had no idea what field trials were or what these wonderful dogs were capable of doing.

In December of 2001 I lost my Springer spaniel, (NAN).  I had been taking pictures of a client's pups for her web site, Burns Hot Labs,  just 1 week before I lost Nan.  Little did I know I was taking pictures of my next dog, Burns Purple Rose.


Sue introduced me to the importance of hand raising your pups and teaching them to "learn-to-learn".   With Sue's help I had Rose walking to HEEL, SIT, STAY, FETCH, LEFT & RIGHT OVERS and BACKS at the age of 6 months.  From there Rose went to Red Rover Retrievers for 4 months of training.   I was taught to handle Rose and continued her training myself.  

My new career was launched.  I've now been training for 9 years.  I had the pleasure of starting  a pup named "Trouble" .  Below is a letter to Sue from "Trouble's" owner Ben.

Just wanted to drop you a note about Trouble. He has become a truly great hunting dog. The clients love him and he is just fantastic in the field now.   All he needed was a couple of years in the field and a family that loves him. Thank you for producing this wonderful dog!
Ben Williams  www.fishdogoutdoors.com

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