Trained Retrievers is located on 5 acres in Browns Valley Ca.  Our property offers the dogs several types of terrain and smells for the dogs to train on, a pond for them to learn water retrieves and to just cool off after a hard day of training.
     The cool breeze coming off the hills in the evening makes for restful nights for the boys and girls.  It may take your hunting partner a bit to get used to the crickets and bull frogs at night but I find I can walk out to the kennel at midnight and they are all sound asleep, no BOOM BOXES in this neighborhood, just restful nights.
     The pups get out in the morning to run together and play before breakfast and have access to 2.5 acres to stretch their legs.  We are new to this property and still making changes to better the training experience, but we are all having fun.  I pick up tree limbs and pile them up and the dogs pick up the same tree limbs and carry them all over the property again.  I have learned to NOT toss a limb on the burn pile or it's gone in seconds.  NOTE: NEVER THROW ANYTHING AROUND A LABRADOR UNLESS YOU WANT IT BACK OR HALLED OFF!

To PLAY is to TRAIN.

Duck on the pond.



Sasha in the evening.


Turkey from the kitchen window


Quail in the trees

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Our Property

Gary Garrett
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Located in Browns Valley, Ca.

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