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Trained Retrievers Service Dog Program


Or Service Dog Program, began after training Labradors for 13 years to be Hunting, Family Pet.

A common question we get is: What is the process to getting a service dog?

Mainly we focus on Service dogs that are for Mobility assist, fetch retrieval of articles, PTSD, Autism, Bi-Polar disorders, Panic Attacks, Track children who tend to wonder off .

The process starts with:

  • Discussing your needs for a Service Dog to see if our dogs can meet your needs.
  • Discussing your facilities for a dog. Fenced yard, secure play area, ability to exercise the dog or have family that can do that.
  • Ability to care for the dog in case of an emergency. Financially sound .
  • Then the meeting with the dog.
    • The dog will either choose you or ignore you. They can tell if you are a dog person or not. If the dog likes you then we watch how you interact with the dog.
  • You are asked if you have had dogs before and if you have others in the house now.
  • If this process goes well and no RED FLAGS pop up, then a deposit is placed and we start the process of training you to handle your potential dog.
    • This is where we find out if this Service dog is a good fit for you or not and you learn of the dogs level of training at that point.
  • A bad fit can be because the Service dog is too tall, or too short, or licks too much or we find out that you really are NOT used to having a dog around you that much and YOU are the bad fit. Your dog needs to have access to you almost constantly. Are you offended because your dog is the wrong color for the outfit you have on or you object to it laying on your foot or touching you in some way. For this bond to work, it has to be a two way love fest with you and your dog.
  • We also talk to your spouse to see what their concerns are with you having a dog, because he/she will be with you 95% or more of the time.
  • Your service dog will expect to sleep with you or next to you on the floor. Travel with you to the store. Go to the restaurant for dinner and sleep under your table. Even expect to shower with you at times.

While composing this my girl AVERY came into the room and licked my elbow! she was just checking in and I said Hi and she left! Can you be OK with that?

It can take from 1.5 to 2 years to train a dog for Service Dog. The amount of dogs we have here for training at any time is constantly changing. We do not allow deposits to be made on our puppies in training because not all dogs can make the cut. No use making a deposit for a dog that will just have to be returned. We will however put you on the list as this dogs first right to pick. when the dog shows that he has what it takes to be your Service Dog, you will be contacted and the process begins. During this time, you are more than welcome to come here to assist with training and bond with the dog. Just be aware that He may not be what you want or need.

WE wish you the best of luck in your search for that perfect Service Dog!

PTSD Service Dog

or Autism dog

Shiloh is a Border Collie/ Labrador Mix


Shiloh is smart, devoted, loves kids and other dogs and is very trainable. He is not ready for a family yet as he trains to be out in public. Shiloh has been altered and is a perfect house dog. Shiloh tips the scales at just under 50 pounds and is sitting on the arm of my recliner as I type this. This boy is AMAZING and deserves an amazing home.

November 16, 2017 Shiloh is about 16 months old.



Black Male Labrador


We got a black boy from this litter! He is Partually BRINDLE color.


His name is Gilley.


One day a client called and said that he would have to cancel his order for a hunting dog because he was loosing his eye sight to Maculae degeneration. He would have to get a SERVICE DOG but he was having trouble finding one. The only place he had talked to had a two year waiting list.

I asked him what he needed and he said he needed a dog that would find anything he dropped and retrieve it for him. Would walk foot trails and be protective and alert him at home of any outside noises. He lives in bear country. I told him that I think I had a dog that could do that for him but I needed a couple weeks to check her out. Long story short, Six months later he took Riley home with him and it has been a love affair ever since.




Our second Service dog, Roxie, went to a family in Vero Beach Florida for an Autistic 11 year old boy Nate was having trouble in school and was shutting down, but the worst of it was he would just take off and disappear in the abandoned orchard or into the irrigation ditch behind the home. He would not come back when he was called so at times it would take hours to find him and the family was constantly having to watch him. Mom wanted a dog that would interact with him and also track her son if he got out on his own. Our dog in training was Roxie and she went to her new family 8 months later! We delivered her and stayed there for 5 days to train Mom and make sure Roxie was a good fit. 3 days after we delivered her, Mom called us at the hotel at 07:30am to tell us that Roxie was raising HOLY HELL at the front door. So Mom leashed her and opened the front door. Roxie drug Mom around the homes fenced back yard and to Nate playing in the ditch behind the house. The ditch is 20 feet wide by 10 feet deep and has had alligators in it! Its been 3 years now and Nate has never again run out like that! He's happy to stay with Roxie


We have trained several comfort dogs and dogs trained to service dog level but just for around offices or businesses.

Hannah, Bailey, Zoe, Holly, Maggie, Emmy, Scout, Bailey#2


My SERVICE DOG, Avery is a PTSD Dog and knows when I phase out trapped in a recurring trauma memory from 30 years in the fire service.


Our girl Emmy. A two year old Black Lab SERVICE DOG is now with a girl with Autism.













PEYTON: SERVICE DOG for an Autistic boy





Cassie of Banner Mountain Retrievers was trained here and is the only other trainer we recommend!




We have had several Service Dogs go to Autistic children, but some also to bi-polar children and children to young adults with anxiety disorders and sleep disorders. We train mobility Service dogs and have trained dogs to track children who wonder away.






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